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The Stan Boreson Band


The Stan Boreson Band

The band got together and recorded 26 of their most requested numbers. This recording is dedicated to Chuck Bennett, a wonderful friend and a fabulous musician who passed away shortly after this recording was completed.

Alley Cat , The First Thing Every Morning, Wedding Bells, L-O-V-E, Emily, Fascinatin' Rhythm, Yust Yon of Dose Tings, Hey! Good Lookin', Kalle Villa Val Schottiche, Danny Boy, Columbus Stockade Blues, Ned Elven, Nice Work If You Can Get It, Oh! Lonesome Me, Christmas in Seattle, Chinatown, Funny Face, Paper Moon, Heartaches By The Number, Polka Medley, Rusty Chevrolet, Pledge of Allegiance, What's New, Don't Get Around Much Anymore, A Million Dreams Ago

More Scandihovian Hits More Scandihovian Hits

Grandma, Torvald for President, Medley of Instant Old Favorites, Telephone, I Enjoy Being A Swede, A Finn could Tell a Lie, I left my Heart in Mukilteo, Catch a Pickled Herring, Lonesome Loverboy, The Object of my Affection

Those Swedish Meatballs Are At It Again Those Swedish Meatballs
Are At It Again

The Drifting Vistling Snow, Cowboy Medley, Little Inga, Tennessee Waltz, Anytime, Doin' my Homework while watching TV, Torvald for President, Dangerous Ingemar, Mr. Sears and Roebuck, Two by four Trina, Mother in Law Song

Yust Tinkin' Of Yogi Yust Tinkin' Of Yogi

Mrs. Yonson Turn Me Loose, Nincompoops Have All the Fun, Real Gone Galloot, The Picnic Song, Little Grass Shack, Ballad of Ole Swenson, Neida, Nei Takk, Lonesome Loverboy, Little Knucklehead, The Object of My Affection, Vat Skal Ve Do

I Yust Go Nuts At Christmas I Yust Go Nuts At Christmas
All I Want For Christmas (Is My Upper Plate), Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, The Christmas Party, Yingle Bells, Yingle Bells, Ragnar the Flatnosed Reindeer, Uncle Sven Is Coming To Town, I Just Go Nuts At Christmas, Where To go, Where To Go, Where To GO, Ho, Ho, Ho, Don't Ever Go, Christmas Medley, I was Santa Claus at the Schoolhouse for the PTA, I've Had A Very Merry Christmas
Stan Boreson Fractures Christmas Stan Boreson Fractures Christmas
Be Kind to the Street corner Santa Claus, Here Comes Ingerbrit, Have a Glada Jul, I saw Hulda Kissing Uncle Sven, I give up, What is it?, The Christmas Party, Silver Bells, Lena Got Run Over by a Reindeer, I'm Glad it's Time for Lutefisk Again, Walking in my Winter Underwear, The Christmas Serenade, Oh! Lutefisk
The Scandinavian Hotshot The Scandinavian Hotshot

Uff Do Song, Red Headed Swede, Ole Gustav Heyerdahl, A is for Anderson, Crackerjack Lumberjack, Swedish Rock and Roll, Hang my Hat in Ballard, Two Swedish People, I'm Going to Stockholm Sweden, Tings, Discotek Dagmar

Aye Dont' Give A Hoot Ay Don't Give A Hoot

Ay Don't Give A Hoot, Jesse James, Homey Homey Brew, Copenhagen Farvel, Blue Goose Snuce, On Top of Old Baldy, Skvit Skvat Skvadulean, Streets of Stavanger, The Frozen Logger, Acres of Clams, Swanson, Swenson and Jenson, Cold, Wet Fjords

Those Swedehearts of Song Yust Go Country Western Those Swedehearts of Song Yust Go Country Western

Everybodys talking at Me, Yonson From Wisconsin, Someone Spiked the Punch at Lenas Wedding, Hulda Come Back, Freida and Johan, The Birds and the Bees, Is Anyone going to San Antoine, The Waitress at the Norway Hall, Swedish Meatballs, Swedish Glug, I'm a Specialist, The Hunting Song

Honey/Little Green Apples Honey/Little Green Apples

Honey, Don't Put Off Chasing Women Til You're Too Old To Catch 'Em, Mamas Grown Young, Papas Grown Old , Freida the Clamdiggers Sweetheart, The Scandinavian Ball, Little Green Apples, Who hid the Halibut on the Poop Deck, Clementine, The Goosepluckers Picnic, Just a Little Lefsa, All Pooped Out

Cold, Cold, Heart (and other "Torch" Songs) Cold, Cold, Heart (and other "Torch" Songs)

Cold, Cold, Heart, I want to go where the Wild Goose Goes, Ace in the Hole, Cross Over the Bridge, Don't Bring Lulu, Ballin' the Jack, Mention My Name in Sheboygen, If It Wasn't For Your Father Would Your Mother Be your Mother So Remember Dad On Mother's Day, Frankie and Johnny, Shut the Door, The Oogah Oogah Song, Oh, By Jingo

Klubhouse Klassics Klubhouse Klassics

Theme Song, Zero Dacus, Reminder Songs, Stan and NoMo, Stan and Pepita the Flea, The Picnic Song, Stan and Old Timer, Stan and Uncle Torvald

Yust Yoking Around

Yust Yoking Around

Recoreded live at Hostfest in Minot, North Dakota

One Hour of His Yokes and Music


Yust Yoking Around

Just Don't Look Good Naked Anymore

Which also includes Stan's favorites - 11 others

Facida My Clamdigger Sweetheart, Catch a Pickled Herring, Red Headed Swede, The Picnic Song and more.


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